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Before using the shopping site Before using the shopping site

Membership registration procedure

a-01 How to obtain an ID and password using the announcement email

Before the opening of the ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP, an announcement email will be sent to the email address you registered with the general headquarters of International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan.
This email was sent to the branch heads, and contains information about how to use the site and information on the products sold on the site.
Persons wishing to register for membership can do so by just responding to this email. After the email response has been sent, an email containing the branch head's exclusive ID and password will be sent to the branch head.
That concludes the membership registration procedures.

a-2 How to obtain an ID and password using the WEBSITE

If for some reason it was not possible to perform membership registration as described above, after the opening of the ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP you can perform membership registration on the site.

By performing the new membership registration procedures in the ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP, you can register as a member.

In the membership registration screen, the information input for the name of the branch office head and the name of the branch will be checked with the business office, and only those persons whose information has been verified will be issued an ID and password. If for some reason it is not possible to have an ID and password issued, you will be registered as a student or a person from the general public.


b-1 There are three access methods.

The three main methods for accessing ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP are as follows:

[1] Via the email magazine issued every month
Once per month, an email introducing new products and announcing campaigns will be sent to you. This lets you check information at an early stage. The email will also contain a link to the ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP; just click on the link to access the website.

[2] Find the site using a search engine and register it in your Favorites list.
Shortly after the ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP has opened, it will be listed on search engines. You can therefore search for it by inputting "ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP" as the search term, and access it from the link that is found. Further, once you have accessed the site, you can add it to your Favorites list to make it easy to access the website with fewer actions.

[3] Via a link banner on a branch-managed site

Access via this method can be performed via any of the websites managed by branches throughout the world.
Further, banners for linking to ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP have been prepared in 3 languages: English, Russian, and Spanish

How to shop

Site login; Issuing of account

a-1 If you already have an ID and password:

Input the ID and password issued to you in the ID and password boxes on the ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP top page.

a-2 If you have not yet obtained an ID and password:

[1] Enter the site by clicking on the button in the "Join us" area on the ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP top page.

[2] The application page for requesting issuing of an account will be displayed.
Please input all necessary information in the input boxes. After inputting all of the information, check to be sure there are no mistakes and then click the Send button. This completes the procedure for applying for issuance of an account.

When the input information has been received by the business office, whether or not your name and branch have been registered will be confirmed with the Kyokushinkaikan general headquarters. If there are no problems, an email notifying you of the issuance of the account will be sent to your registered email address.

How to shop

a-1 Selecting products

After logging in by inputting your ID and password, a list of product categories will be shown.
Broad product categories are also listed on the left side of the page, so you can easily access the desired product category at any time.

When you select a product category, a list of products in that category will appear.

When you select one item from the product list, detailed information for the selected item will be displayed.
The detailed information includes information necessary for selecting a product, such as a list of product features, sizes, etc.
a-2 Purchasing a product

[2] When you click the Purchase button, the information for the purchased product will be added to the shopping cart.
To continue immediately with your purchase, click the "Proceed to Register" button; to continue with other purchases, click the "Continue Shopping" button and repeat the procedure from step [1].

a-3 Confirming (registering) shipping address

After pressing the "Proceed to Register" button, the Confirm Shipping Address page will appear.

The default page will show the address input at the time the account was issued. If shipment to a different address is desired, click the "Change Shipping Address" button and input the new shipping address.

a-4 Confirming purchase amount;

Next, the purchase details and amount confirmation page will be shown.
This is the final confirmation page for the purchase quantity and amount, and the shipping address.
Shipping and handling fees (which will vary according to the destination country and region) will be added to the purchase amount.
* Shipping and handling fees are added after the branch head benefit discount has been applied.

After confirming the information, click the "Place Order" button.
At this point, a confirmation email (in English) containing the order details will be automatically sent.

a-5 Paying purchase amounts by credit card

Payments for purchases from the ICHIGEKI GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP can be made only by credit card.

  Accepted credit cards

After clicking the "Place Order" button, the credit payment page will appear.
On this page, you can select either English or Russian as the language for the page.
In addition, you can select the currency you would like to use.
On this page, the following information must be input:
ECredit card number
ECredit card expiration date
EName on credit card

After inputting the required information, credit card verification will be performed. When "Verification OK" is displayed, payment procedures have been completed.
A payment notification email containing the payment information will be sent by the credit payment representative.

a-6 Receiving products

a-7 How to return a product

Other information; Notes

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